when you ask a person, if you can ask them a question you obviously think they’re going too say yes. I messaged Cristian asking him that simple question and he was the first person to ever tell me no? I don’t understand him. One day he tells me he’s blessed to have some as beautiful as me in his life, and the next day I’m just another hoe to him. I honestly believed he was different but what should I expect from a guy that lives 5 hours away from me. He can have another whole world I may not know about. I genuinely believed he was different but he’s the first guy that I’ve talked to that has made me feel like I’m not good enough for them, and to be completely honest I feel like I can do way better than him. I first meet Cristian when I started working at Little Caesers in December of 2012, that’s how we meet and I cut him off to be with the father of my son and now that we split up, we started talking again. Everything was going perfect, he even came to see his family so we hanged out and it was special, he would stare at me and when I asked him “what,” he just tell me that he thought I was very beautiful. But the next day he hanged out with Brian and Jorge and everything changed, we wouldn’t talk unless I messaged first, and sometimes when I did he wouldn’t even reply, he became so mean. I asked them if they said anything about me that would make him change his mind towards me and all he said was, “why do they have something to say”. They do but its all lies, It wouldn’t be the first time Brian made up things about me. I thought he was going to make me happy, but not everything is like fairy tales stories. This is the beginning of my love life story and all the messes it comes with it.