I wanted to be your only mom

It’s kinda hard to get along with someone when I hear my son call you “mom”. I feel like I’ve told this story in a different post but however my sons father cheated on me with a girl and has been with her ever since. They currently started a family of their own and now he just has visitation rights. He gets Zay every other weekend and every other Monday for a couple of hours. Me and that girl can’t seem to get along for whatever reason but to make it harder on me. The other day Marcos and I met outside of Harvest Foods to exchange Zay and that’s when I stood Zay down and he ran to her yelling ‘mommy”. That’s the moment my child unwillingly broke my heart. How did we get here? I thought we were in love, I thought we were going to make it past through this rough patch we were going through but now our child is calling some other girl mom. I’m thankful that she’s there for him when I am not but all of this could’ve been prevented. I want to be in his life 100 percent of the time not only a 70 percent and now I have to make plans of going away for school just to offer him a better future because I know I can’t do this on my own. You don’t help in anyway. I didn’t make him on my own and I’m stuck here alone afraid for our future.