fine without me

I don’t want to watch you go everyday doing perfectly fine without me, I don’t want to try to prove that I’m happy without you when I’m really not. I want to show you how much I love and care for you, I want to get to know you in every way, actually spend time with you. Make you understand what your doing is wrong, make you understand that you’ll always have my support. I stuck by your side when others would’ve left. You did me wrong in so many ways but I still just saw the best in you. I saw your flaws but I didn’t want to care. It hurt, but I once thought my pain was worth it if it meant I got to keep you around. But is that okay? No! I need someone that shows me that they need me, someone that I don’t need to ask to prove to me that they actually want to have me around. I do not define myself as a sex toy so stop defining me as one. I wanted you to love me because you meet the kind of person I was and you knew that was someone you couldn’t live without.

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