You miss me yet

Even though they do stupid shit, I see the way your parents take care and worry about there kids and I just hope you’ll be the same with ours.. it’s so weird when I say our kids because there’s no us. It’s just you and me. We used to tell each other how much we loved one another, and now you can’t stand me. I still see you, with eyes of how we used to be and sometimes I wonder if you do the same. To me, you something people call a “babydaddy” but I wanted you to be my husband, best friend, and sole mate. A friend recently asked me how I met you and how we started dating, I told her our story in so much detail, and it made me so sad. How did we get here? What went wrong? I know we were young, we were barely trying to make our relationship and bringing a kid into this world made it 10 times harder but I loved you in every way possible. I’m sorry for all the times I told you that you didn’t mean anything to me, for all the times I tried to leave. I was young and didn’t know how to be in a committed relationship, I didn’t know how to fix the problems we had and I thought threatening you would maybe change you but I was wrong. I did nothing but push you away, I pushed you away into someone else’s arms, I might be stuck, stuck from going from guy to guy but I’m happy that you found someone. You found someone to love you and I just hope she gives you everything you wanted, I hope she’s everything you need. I hardly ever think about you but when I do I can’t help but think about what we could’ve been but I don’t regret any of this, like they say its better to have loved then have never loved at all.

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